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About EarthSmart Pest Control

EarthSmart Pest Control opened in 1995 as an Alternative to conventional baseboard spray programs that fill every room in your home with toxic pesticides. Those types of treatment programs create a Hazardous Waste area inside your home. There is a Safer and Smarter way to control those nasty little bugs inside your home. Call me for a Free in- home Inspection to see how easy it is to have a Pest Free home the EarthSmart way. EarthSmart Pest Control is family-owned and operated in Bradenton, FL. and provides service to Manatee, Sarasota, Pinellas, Hillsboro and Charlotte counties.

Since opening in 1995 we have treated every customer like they were a part of our family. Providing on time appointments, courteous service, and an extensive knowledge in the control of Florida pests. 

EarthSmart Pest Control is an original innovator in the field of Alternative Solutions to providing an enviro-friendly approach to pest control. Today, many companies have jumped onto the eco-friendly bandwagon but Do Not have the years of experience to back up their claim. EarthSmart Pest Control is the Innovator and the Original. 

Joseph B. Bohanon C.P.O.
Licensed by the State of Florida
Department of Agriculture

​When I started in the pest control industry, I realized that asking the homeowner to leave the room or the home entirely while I sprayed their baseboards was wrong. I was contaminating their entire home with pesticides. There had to be a better way. I did some research and found that many companies offered Bait Control and Growth Regulator products along with their conventional pesticides. 

I decided to move my company in the direction of using safer Bait products and Growth Regulators instead of baseboard contamination sprays. 

The bugs do not live along your baseboards, they live in your attic, under your appliances, within your walls, and in the framework of your cabinets. 

This is where I apply my products....where the bugs live and control them at their source. 
Committed to helping our customers achieve a pest free home.